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Friday, May 04, 2007

where have you been.....

For all of you who have been checking in and finding nothing from me, don't worry! I really didn't fall off the face of the earth..... I fell into the vortex of the age known as myspace. To see what I've been up to and check out pictures of yours truly, I have attached the link below. If you stop by, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

where have you been....

I’m sure you have all been wondering what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks… Well, here ya go....

Project Fairfield has been top on the list.

Weekend 1

-lay laminate floor in the dining room and hallway
-lay sub floor and vinyl in the kitchen
-lay vinyl in the master bath
-lay vinyl in the boy’s bath
-paint the kitchen, living room, foyer, dining room, hallway, office, boy’s bathroom, boy’s room, master bedroom, master bathroom (only using the same paint in the living room and hallway)
-remove old toilets
-install new toilets

Techman and I took care of the flooring and the toilets (well except for when the new toilet wouldn’t fit in the master bathroom…. He had to finish that project himself).

Sissy and I did most of the painting (staying up until 4 am to finish), although while Sissy and the boys were painting their room, Techman and I were painting the living room.

Weekend 2

Shopping trip to Chicago with the old folks…. It was fun, however next time I think I’ll opt for the art museum instead… I don’t really like shopping!

Moving day! Of course it had to be the weekend of the 2006 ice/snow storm. We were all freezing and trying to be extremely careful not to fall on the ice. We even put down a piece of the old carpet over the ice to prevent us from falling. We now know that it takes three trucks, four men and two women an entire day to move the Fairfield family. Well, that is only if they are moving 3 blocks away. Any further and they will just have to hire a moving company!

The topper on moving day was taking the trampoline and swing sets. Of course it was suggested that they were moved the weekend before, it didn’t happen. Nope, instead Sissy and yours truly were beating the trampoline with sticks to loosen up the ice. I had the bright idea of getting into the trampoline and jumping to break up the ice. This idea does work well for the thinner outer ring of ice, however when you get to the middle where the ice happens to be 8 inches thick, it takes picking up other 8 inch pieces of ice and slamming them down on the unbroken mass. Two hours later, I was sitting in the back of the truck as we drove it to the new house.

All this outside work and little sleep lead to my exhaustion and furthermore to my cold/infection. Last week was spent coming home, eating dinner and going to bed by 8 pm. Thursday I left work early and went to the doctor to find out that my lymph nodes in my neck, and I suspect other places as I had pain in very strange places, were swollen due to some kind of infection. I’m finally getting to the point that I can stay up past 8 pm, thanks to the antibiotics!

So, that was the last couple of weeks in a nutshell.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

open invitation

Since I've had a shitty week thus far and feel like a failure in every aspect of my life, I will be drinking myself into oblivion Saturday night. Anyone who would like to join me is more than welcome. You will however HAVE to be open to drinking, talking loud, acting obnoxious, cussing, dancing and watching Drag Kings and a burlesque show. I'm sure there will also be a point in the night where I will be looking like an idiot by hitting on straight girls.... And as always when I drink myself into an oblivion, it is very possible that I will be asking to take off my pants, flashing my boobs and laying on your front porch in the rain telling your boyfriend to "lick my pussy" as he tries to coax me in from the rain (although it will probably be snow this weekend)......

I'm open to going out to dinner first if anyone is interested....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I don't want a wife.... I want a partner!

So today I stayed home from work because I'm sick.... Most of the day was spent in bed or on the couch watching TV. Of course the times I tried to fall asleep were the times my neighbor decided it was time to be loud. Most of the day I kept thinking about an article we had to read in college. It was titled "I Want a Wife," and was written by Judy Syfers. For some reason that article stuck with me all these years. I can remember when we first had to read it, how much I too wanted a wife, even though at the time, I was convinced I was straight.

Finally, I had to search for the article to see just what it was that made me keep thinking of it... I found it, and sat reading it over a couple of times and now I'm thinking I don't so much agree with what she has to say....

I don't want a wife.... I want a partner!

I want someone who will do the dishes after I've cooked.
I want someone who will put the laundry away after I've folded it.
I want someone who will clean the bathroom while I'm cleaning the kitchen.
I want someone who will plant flowers while I cut the lawn.
I want someone who will take care of me when I'm sick and who I can take care of when she is sick.

The list can go on and on. I don't want someone who will take care of me, I can do that! (And god knows if I can't, my Mom is always calling to see if she can!) I want someone to share things with. To know that no matter how bad my day was, they will be lying next to me in bed when the lights go out that night.

Is that too much to want?

Monday, October 30, 2006

table update

I'm obsessed with my table... I've been working on it all weekend. I'm pretty sure that the fumes from the polyurethane and the stripper have gotten to me! I spent hours on the computer Saturday night trying to find pieces of stone for the mosaic that will be the top of the table.... I'm sure it will be cool when it's done...

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is Halloween for all of you who have been living under a rock.... I spent $13.00 at WalMart tonight on candy... half of which is gone now because I had trick or treaters tonight.

The cool thing about Halloween is I've been able to Tivo a bunch of history crap about vampires and zombies, so I'm excited.... I've also been laughing my ass off that the Most Haunted show... those people are stupid.... I swear the freakiest thing on their is their eyes when they have that night vision crap on....

If I'm not bothered too much by trick or treaters tomorrow, maybe I'll have enough time to tell you all my ghost stories.....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

things that keep me busy...

Here are a couple pictures of the infamous table project.... The initial thought was that I it would be less expensive to make my own table, however it is just the opposite! Oh well, at least I got to spend time with Uncle Beaker and I can say that I have a one of a kind table. And bonus is that the chairs were free (they belonged to my great grandma).... just have to strip and refinish them.

Please ignore the pile of laundry in the background!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

another weekend update

Ok, so I've been doing a few other things besides hanging out on the computer. I'm sure you have all missed me so very much!

First things first, MY BEARS WON!!!! So only bearly (HAHAH), but they still won which is the only thing that matters!

Saturday I helped Smash build a fence in her backyard. Ok, so really, she helped me. I only had to dig 5 post holes, lucky me. The rest was just a matter of cutting and screwing boards together. At one point I was straddling a bush to put up the planks. Smash's boyfriend had to make a joke about the bush being up my ass. Funny stuff!

Sunday was my parent's anniversary. 40 years... crazy! Although I went up there to spend time with them, I ended up spending more time with my uncle Beaker. Beaker's hobby is woodworking. I've had my table legs sitting around for months, so last weekend I asked him to help me fix them. We spent hours together sawing, drilling and gluing. We also had a really good talk and listened to a bunch of good music. From our time together, I ended up seeing a lot of him in me. Probably because when I was little he babysat my brother and I a lot. We did take a dinner break so that I could have dinner with my parents and aunts and uncles.

Yesterday I took off work to buy a car. It was rainy and freezing out, so I instead stayed at home and worked on my table. I ended up staining it (and getting high on fumes by doing so). I finally had to open the windows and the door so I didn't pass out. I'm not very happy with the color (kind of pinkish). I'll have to post a picture of it when I'm all finished.

So, that was my weekend wrap up.... Of course I thought of all these good things to post about when I got home, but they must have disappeared because of the fumes.... I'll try hard to remember them later.